Privacy Policy

When you use Feelingtouch game software or accept Feelingtouch game services, Feelingtouch may obtain and use your relevant information. Feelingtouch collects your relevant information for the purpose of providing services. Feelingtouch promises to strictly protect your privacy. This privacy policy is intended to explain how Feelingtouch obtains and uses the above information.

This privacy policy is closely related to the Feelingtouch game software you use or Feelingtouch game services you have accepted, therefore we highly suggest you to read this document carefully and thoroughly. Feelingtouch will revise this privacy policy document every so often and will inform you about the latest version through publication on either our web page or through E-mail. We ask you to please follow these sources of information in order to keep up with the latest version of this privacy policy document.

Your use or continual use of Feelingtouch services states that you have agreed to allow Feelingtouch to obtain and use information relevant to you in accordance with this privacy policy document.

1. Information that may be obtained by Feelingtouch

Feelingtouch may obtain, store and use the following information related to you when providing services. Fail to provide the necessary relevant information, and you will not be able to register as a user of Feelingtouch or access services provided by Feelingtouch, or achieve the intended effect of related services.

2. How Feelingtouch uses your information
3. Rights to personal information

Feelingtouch in all its power will take all suitable technical measures to guarantee you access, renewal and accurate registered information or other personal information offered when using Feelingtouch. In order to access, renew, correct or delete the information mentioned above, Feelingtouch will require you to provide a verified identification. This way Feelingtouch can ensure the safety of your account.
Pursuant to the “General Data Protection Regulation”, users in the European Economic Area, will have the following rights to their personal information: The Right to Access The Right to Rectification, The Right to Erasure, The Right to Restriction, The Right to Portability and The Right to Object.

4. Information that may be shared by Feelingtouch

Feelingtouch do not sell personal information, but may provide your personal information to provide services to you or to perform your instructions. Personal information will not be provided to a third party unless such provision is agreed by information subject or approved by relevant laws such as the 「Personal Information Protection Act」. Without your consent, Feelingtouch and affiliated companies of Feelingtouch will not share your personal information with any third party. However, in order to provide you with better and smoother services, if you agree to provide personal information to the service provider when using our products, Feelingtouch will only provide the personal information involved in identity verification and service provision to the service provider according to the following conditions:

5. Information safety
6. Personal Information retention period

Feelingtouch will immediately delete the Personal Information processed when it attains the purpose for the collection and use , except for legally prescribed purposes such as data audit, financial audit, security, fraud prevention, or regulatory compliance for good cause.

In some cases anonymize it, when there is no longer a legal, business or customer need for it to be retained, and the data stored for the aforementioned purposes will also be disconnected from the customer, that is, the specific user information cannot be determined by the data.

7. How Feelingtouch may obtain information
8. Advertisement services
9. E-mail and information Feelingtouch may send to you
10. Exceptions of the privacy policy
11. Minors using Feelingtouch services
12. The range of applicability of this privacy policy document
13. Overseas Transfer of Personal Information

As a global company, Feelingtouch have operations in various jurisdictions. By using our services or otherwise providing us with personal information, you agree to send and process your information internationally. When transferring personal information outside, Feelingtouch implement technical, organizational and physical protection to protect your personal information.
Information Feelingtouch collect may be transferred to People’s Republic of China and other counties for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. You understand that the aforementioned countries may not provide the same level of data privacy protection as your home country, and you hereby expressly consent to the transfer of your information to these countries for storing in accordance with this Privacy Policy. When transferring personal information outside, Feelingtouch implement technical, organizational and physical protection to protect your personal information.
To fulfill the contract and to offer improved convenience to our customers, information Feelingtouch collect may be transferred overseas as follows:

Company Personal Information Overseas Country Method of Storing Purpose of Storing Personal Information Time of transferring and storage interval
Feelingtouch phone numbers, E-mail, log information, positional information China, the United States technical, organizational and physical method in order to better provide customers with quality service stored in real time until the user requests to delete it

You can contact Feelingtouch or the Feelingtouch 's personal information protection manager or competent authorities to refuse the transfer of personal information overseas, if you refuse to transfer overseas, we will terminate and exclude your information transfer. However, in this case, your use of services that must involve the transfer of personal information overseas may be restricted.
Please note that, if you choose to login with SNS account and bind the account, your personal information may be transferred automatically and this action is irreversible. If you refuse the transfer, please do not bind it.
14. The Applicability and jurisdiction of the law
15. Feelingtouch Contacts

To contact one of our members concerning our Privacy Policy, please use the following contact information:

Hangzhou Feelingtouch Technology Co., Ltd.